Use Syphon Virtual Screen on macOS to enable Presenter View in Microsoft PowerPoint with Extron ShareLink

In classrooms with Extron ShareLink, macOS users can mirror (duplicate) their computer display to the classroom display. For ShareLink to act as an extended or secondary display, users need to install Syphon Virtual Screen after installing the ShareLink Pro client. The Syphon Virtual Screen installer is located in the ShareLink folder. After completing the Syphon Virtual Screen installation:

  1. Open the ShareLink application
  2. Click the menu (three lines on the right side of the application)
  3. Go to Advanced Settings > Select Source Display > Secondary monitor

The classroom display should now appear as a secondary monitor that is compatible with Presenter View in PowerPoint.


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Mon 8/26/19 1:23 PM
Tue 1/7/20 1:06 PM