Add Perusall to Canvas

About Perusall

Perusall allows students to annotate, comment and discuss assigned readings. For an introduction to teaching with Perusall, check out:

Add Perusall to a Canvas Course

  1. Log in to Canvas at
  2. Go to your course
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Navigation
  5. From the tool list, enable  Perusall (or drag the tool up into the course navigation)
  6. Choose Save

Important Notes

  • When setting up your Perusall course, you will see that SLU uses the free version of Perusall and does not have a license.  You will be given the opportunity set a price for your students to pay, you can set that to $0 and choose the "none of these make sense for me right now" option.  If so, your students will not be prompted to pay or make a donation when they access your Perusall course.
  • Before uploading PDFs to Perusall, confirm the content in your PDF is accessible  and pages are cropped and rotated appropriately.
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