Installing Stata


St. Lawrence University has 30 concurrent network licenses of Stata 17.0 BE for student and faculty use.  Our license is Windows only, so if you have a Macintosh computer, you'll need to use a University owned Windows lab computer, or the SLU Remote Apps and Desktop.

To Run Stata

  • Navigate to N:\Menu\SLU Network Menu\Software for Courses\Economics\ and double click the Stata-64 shortcut to begin
  • You can drag the shortcut to your desktop and launch it from there as long as you are connected to the campus network or connected off-campus via the VPN

If you need help connecting to the N:\ drive on your personally owned Windows computer, instructions are available here.

The SLU Virtual Desktop and University owned lab computers running Windows will automatically connect to the N:\ drive at log-in.

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