Tuesday Tip #4 - Update your software!

Sent by Emileen Garvin on October 25th 2022. Written by Josh Dsouza, Marissa Foster, Emileen Garvin, and Rene Thatcher.

Why is it important to run updates?

There are many reasons to run updates on your devices. Here are just a few significant reasons: important security patches, improved performance, ensure compatibility with other updated technologies, protect your data, and most important those cool new features and emoji’s!


What happens if you ignore software/device updates?

You decided not to update your software on your device...your machine will be prone to malware infections, more vulnerable to hackers, new versions of your favorite program may not work and risk obsolete software. The worst one, no cool new features or emoji’s!


Beware of “FAKE” update notifications!

There are 3 types of common “fake” update notifications in circulation:

  1. Through Email – Spam emails which pretend to be from a reputed software organization.
  2. Browser Based Pop-Ups – Scammers can utilize browser-based notifications to try and convince you that a certain software or your system needs updates urgently.
  3. Website Advertisements – Ad's on certain insecure websites can look like real update notifications and are usually designed to draw your attention.



Thank you everyone for taking part in our Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tuesday Tips


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