Tuesday Tip #1: Install the Microsoft Authenticator App!

Sent by Rene Thatcher on October 4th 2022:

Tuesday Tip #1 is:  Install the MS Authenticator App, enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for other programs, and use the app for all authentications!  

“Did you know the app allows you to complete an MFA challenge by simply tapping ‘Approve’ on your phone?  No more manually entering codes!  It can also be used to generate security codes for sign-in, even when your phone doesn’t have data/wifi service.” 

In addition, enabling MFA to access software such as banking, gmail, shopping, and social media sites makes it MUCH MORE DIFFICULT for your account to be compromised.  You can add many other programs, such as banking or gmail, to your Microsoft Authenticator App and make approving the challenge easier.  Please note: the Microsoft Authenticator App can be used with any program that utilizes two-factor authentication that has a time-based, one-time passcode (TOTP or OTP). 


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Wed 10/12/22 2:50 PM
Wed 10/12/22 2:50 PM