Reimbursement Requests and Requisitions (also known as “Financial Management”)

To create a Requisition or Reimbursement Request you begin on the “Create” screen and select the appropriate document type. The system will automatically default to a requisition so if the the dollar threshold is under $5,000 you can choose in the drop down menu request for payment so the system will properly create a payment voucher rather than a purchase order.  Complete the necessary information.

Lookups - In some fields the lookup will begin as you type the information, such as the GL Account. In most lookup fields you can use a partial name or number lookup.

  • Users and vendors can be looked up by ID number or partial name. Some special characters in a name (such as “&”) may cause the lookup to not function properly. For a name such as “L&L Construction” try using just construction and choose the item from the dropdown list.
  • For GL Account lookups you can enter just the Unit or Object portion of the account to bring up a list of those you have assigned. You can also use a part of the description to look up the account.





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