Reimbursement Requests and Requisitions (also known as “Financial Management”)

Upon clicking the option named “requisitions, purchase orders, and request for payment,” the “view” tab will populate with your previously submitted requisitions, issued purchase orders, or requests for payment.


To create a Requisition or Reimbursement Request you begin on the “Create” screen and select the appropriate document type. The system will automatically default to a requisition so if the the dollar threshold is under $5,000 you can choose in the drop down menu request for payment so the system will properly create a payment voucher rather than a purchase order.  Complete the necessary information.

Lookups - In some fields the lookup will begin as you type the information, such as the GL Account. In most lookup fields you can use a partial name or number lookup.

  • Users and vendors can be looked up by ID number or partial name. Some special characters in a name (such as “&”) may cause the lookup to not function properly. For a name such as “L&L Construction” try using just construction and choose the item from the dropdown list.
  • For GL Account lookups you can enter just the Unit or Object portion of the account to bring up a list of those you have assigned. You can also use a part of the description to look up the account.




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