Finance Query

The filter on the left can be used to narrow the results shown on screen. Enter the GL items you want shown and click “Apply Filter”. You can also choose whether you want to show the accounts with no activity and how you want the items sorted This can always be reset to remove all filters. Commonly used filters can also be saved for quicker application.


You can further filter results by choosing any available fiscal year and the start and end dates for the desired transactions. By clicking on “Export” you can download the results for further work within Excel.

You can adjust the view to suit your needs. You can grab and drag the column headers to reorganize items to fit your desired viewing preference. This saves the configuration for your user account and won’t affect anyone else.  You can also click on a header to move, hide or add columns you want shown or click “Restore Default Columns” to go back to default. Clicking on any one of these rows of information will take you to a screen offering you more detail on the transactions making up this information.


Any hyperlinked items can be drilled into for additional information.


Additional navigation items are at the bottom of the page.



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