Using Zoom integration within Canvas

Adding Zoom to your Canvas course:

  • Settings > Navigation > (move Zoom to list of visible tools)
  • Save

Scheduling a Zoom meeting for your course:

  • Click the Zoom tool from within the Canvas course and it will open in a new tab (Note: you MAY need to click a link to Redirect to Zoom)
  • Click Schedule a Meeting
    • Provide a descriptive Topic for the meeting (ie. Introductory Geology Zoom Class Meeting)
    • You can schedule meetings for a specific date/time or for an ongoing/recurring class meeting to be available when/if needed, choose Recurring Meeting and set Recurrence to "No Fixed Time"
    • Note that by default there will be a Passcode set for the meeting.  Students following the link to Zoom from within Canvas will not need that passcode.  If you invite an outside guest, be sure to use the full meeting invite with embedded passcode
    • Also Note that by default the Waiting Room will be enabled

Joining a scheduled Zoom meeting as Teacher or Student:

  • Follow the Zoom link in the Canvas course
    • The course instructor will be in the Host role in Zoom, students will be in the Participant role
    • Note: only the Instructor who created the Zoom meeting will be in the Host role in Zoom.  In the case of a dual instructor course, the instructor who creates the Zoom meeting would want to add any other instructors to the Zoom meeting settings as Alternate Hosts

Using Zoom for Office Hours:

Since faculty generally make Office Hours open to students from any of their courses, the above approach does not fit well.  In those sorts of cases we recommend setting up the meeting in your Zoom account ( and then sharing the link to it through each of your Canvas course sites in whatever way best fits your course design (an announcement, as a module item, as a link on a Page, etc).


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