Overview of Remote Desktop and Remote Apps


The Remote Desktop and Remote Apps allow for SLU users to access lab computers or applications used in class online from a browser, or from the Microsoft Remote App. The Remote Desktop acts as a Windows 10 lab computer viewed from your device, and can perform all of the same functions as a lab computer on campus. This means you would not need to be connected to the SLU VPN in order to access certain websites and applications, including the Saints portal. Remote Apps are the desktop version of a program, allowing you to use the full capability of the program from your browser or smart device.


What is the difference between Remote Desktop and Remote Apps?

The Remote Desktop is a full lab computer experience, and functions the same as using a Windows lab computer from on campus. Remote Apps are just a single application. The first time you load the Remote Desktop, it will take several minutes while a profile is created for you. Remote Apps load significantly faster.


When should you use the Remote Desktop?

  • If you need a full Windows 10 environment and will be using multiple programs at the same time.
  • If you need to open files from many locations at once (your local computer, P, T, S Drives, Sakai, etc)


When should you use a Remote App?

  • If you need quick access to that app to perform a specific function.
  • If you're using just a single dataset and you need it completed quickly.
  • If you are only using data from your local computer or network drives.
    • Please note: You can only access the data from your local computer when using the Microsoft Remote App. This is not available from the browser.


When should you use the Remote Desktop/Remote Apps from a browser?

  • If you are using a loaned computer or a non-university computer.
  • If you need to use them quickly and have not set up the Microsoft Remote App yet.


When should you use the Remote Desktop/Remote Apps from the Microsoft Remote App?

  • If you are using the Remote Desktop or Remote Apps from a smartphone.
  • If you will be using the Remote Desktop or Remote Apps on a consistent basis.


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