How to Migrate Contacts from your SLU Account to Gmail


This article gives instructions for how to migrate the contacts from your SLU email account to Gmail.


Method 1: Move contacts from the Outlook desktop app

The first method for moving contacts from your SLU account is to do so from the Outlook desktop app installed on your PC. Microsoft has a set of official instructions to migrate contacts from Outlook to Gmail. Please click HERE to view them.


Method 2: Move contacts from the Outlook web app (Webmail)

The second method uses the Outlook Web App in order to export contacts, then you can manually import them into Gmail.

  1. Follow Microsoft's official instructions on exporting contacts from the Outlook web app (Webmail).
  2. In a web browser, open your Gmail account.
  3. Click the Apps button on the top right of the page (the one that looks like a waffle) and scroll down through the menu in order to click on Contacts.
  4. On the left side of the page, click Import.
  5. Click Select File.
  6. Select the file that you created in the Microsoft instructions and click Open.

Additional Information

If you want to migrate contacts on your phone, there are many third-party apps in the App Store and Google Play store that can accomplish this. Contact Mover is one reputable option.


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