Add a User to a WordPress Site

Faculty, staff and students must log in to with their St. Lawrence network credentials at least once to activate their account. Once a user has logged in, they can be added as subscribers, contributors, or authors to any site

For faculty using WordPress in their teaching, set aside class time to:

  • Allow students to log in thereby activating their account and allowing them to be added to your class site
  • Provide an overview on how to create a post

Consider scheduling a workshop with an Educational Technologist who can come to class and provide basic or advanced training. Submit a service request, or Contact the ODY Service Desk to arrange for a training.

Add a user

  1. Log in to with your St. Lawrence network credentials
  2. Select My Sites to select the site you wish to add a user to
  3. Select Users
  4. Select Add New
  5. Enter their St. Lawrence email
  6. Assign them a role
  7. Select Add User

If you receive a message that the user does not exist, this means the user has never logged in to



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