WordPress Blog Introduction

Initial Setup

  1. Go to https://sites.stlawu.edu
  2. Follow the instructions for new users
  3. Choose a Site Name and Site Title
  4. Choose Privacy Settings
  5. Click Create Site

Site Name

This will be the portion of your site address that comes after sites.stlawu.edu/. It cannot contain spaces or other special characters. You cannot change the site name once you have created the site. Some site names may already be taken.

Example: If your site name is mattsblog, your site address will be http://sites.stlawu.edu/mattsblog

Site Title

Your site title is the title that appears at the top of your site. This can include any characters you want and can be changed via the site settings at any time.

Example: Matt's Awesome Blog!

Site Privacy

Site access requires network authentication. To request public access, submit a request at stlawu.edu/it. By submitting a request, site owners affirm their site meets Web Accessibility Content Guidelines, and all work is their own or used by permission of the copyright holder. You can change your privacy settings via the site settings at any time.


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