Set up SLU VPN on Windows

Windows 10 Instructions

How to set up the SLU VPN:

  1. Using the Start search bar on the bottom left, type Control Panel and open the Control Panel
  2. Click Network and Internet
  3. Click Network and Sharing Center
  4. Click Set up a new connection or network
  5. Click Connect to a workplace
  6. Click Use my Internet connection (VPN)
    1. For Internet Address, type:
    2. For Destination Name, type: SLU VPN
  7. Click Create

* If VPN configuration is unsuccessful, please make sure to change VPN Type to SSTP *

How to connect to the SLU VPN after setup:

  1. Click on the Wireless icon on the bottom right of the screen
  2. Above the available connections the VPN should appear
  3. If it is not located there, select Network Settings. Once in Network Settings select the VPN tab on the left to view your VPNs.

Windows 11 Instructions

How to set up the SLU VPN:

  1. Click the Start button. 
  2. Click Settings
  3. In the left sidebar, click Network & internet
  4. Click VPN
  5. Click Add VPN
  6. For VPN Provider, click "Windows (built-in)".
  7. For Connection name, enter "SLU VPN".
  8. For Server name or address, enter "".
  9. VPN type can be left as Automatic, Type of sign-in info can be left as User name and password. 
  10. For User name, enter your SLU username.
  11. For Password, enter your SLU password.
  12. Click Save.

How to connect to the SLU VPN after setup:

  1. Click the Internet button on the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  2. Click the shield icon above SLU VPN. 
  3. Click SLU VPN
  4. Click Connect.
  5. If a message about trusting a certificate pops up, click Connect.
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