Using Microsoft OneDrive and Teams within Canvas

Microsoft OneDrive and Teams is integrated into Canvas in a few ways.


  • A link in the left sidebar connects to your personal OneDrive folder
  • The Collaborations fool allows for collaborative editing of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files
  • The Rich Text Editor available throughout Canvas includes a button to link to OneDrive files
  • The Assignment Submission Type External > Office 365 Cloud Assignment allows you to make available a document each of your students can edit and submit  
  • Setup a OneDrive folder for your course and set it to be shared with “People in St. Lawrence University with the link” and share that link within Canvas
    • Note: anyone with a SLU network account would be able to access this folder, but only those with access to the link (your class) would know where to find it
  • If your students each share Read or Edit access to a OneDrive folder with a "specific person" (you in this case), that would give you the ability to share and collaborate on files.  Those folders would be available in your OneDrive under "Shared with You"


  • For most video conferencing needs, professors will use Zoom, Teams is also available
  • A button in the Rich Text Editor allows you to schedule and add a Teams Meeting link to a Page, Announcement, the Calendar, etc
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