Configure VPN on Fedora Linux

To setup the VPN:

  • Open Terminal, and enter the following commands to install the SSTP protocol if it isn't already:
    • sudo dnf install sstp-client
    • sudio dnf install NetworkManager-sstp
    • sudio dnf install NetworkManager-sstp-gnome
    • sudo apt-get update
  • Close Terminal.
  • Click the Network Connection icon, open Network or Wireless Settings.
  • In the Window that appears, click the plus (+) in the VPN section, then click Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)
  • In the next Window, enter the following:
    • Name: SLU VPN
    • Gateway:
    • User name: your SLU username goes here
    • Password: your SLU password goes here
  • Click Add on the top right.

To connect to the VPN:

  • Click the Network Connection Icon
  • Click the VPN connection, click Connect.



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