Prevent Unauthorized Access to Zoom Meetings

There are a number of safe guards you can put in place to mitigate unauthorized access to your Zoom meetings (commonly referred to as Zoombombing), including meetings in your Sakai sites. These safe guards are especially important for persistent meeting IDs (e.g., recurring meetings, Personal Meeting ID).

Meeting Settings

For Sakai site meetings: Once you have enabled the Zoom tool and started the meeting at least once, sign in at and click Meetings > Previous Meetings > Choose meeting Topic (the title of your Sakai site) > Edit this Meeting

Require a meeting password

One of the simplest ways to prevent unauthorized access is to add a password to your meeting. This approach balances ease of access for legitimate participants while preventing access for those without a password. Consider a numerical password to allow participants dialing in via phone or video conference hardware. See: Meeting and Webinar passwords

Remove participants

To remove a participant from a meeting:

  1. Click Manage Participants
  2. Mouse over the participant's name
  3. Click More
  4. Click Remove Participant

Lock the meeting

Once a meeting has started and all participants have joined, prevent new participants from joining by locking the meeting. In the meeting:

  1. Click Manage Participants
  2. Click More
  3. Click Lock Meeting

See: Managing participants in a meeting

Disable screen-sharing for participants

You can limit screen sharing to only the host and can enable/disable screen-sharing for participants during a meeting.

  1. Click the caret ^ to the right of Share
  2. Click Advanced Sharing Options
  3. For Who can share? choose Only Host

See: Managing participants in a meeting

Disable Join Before Host

Join Before Host allows participants to join the meeting before the host. See: Join Before Host

Enable Waiting Room

The Waiting Room allows the host to selectively admit participants. See: Waiting Room

Additional Information

For additional information and a video demonstration of these features, see:


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