Welcome to St. Lawrence! Let us help you get head-start.

We're here to provide you with resources to help you get the most out of your technology while at St. Lawrence. Many of these services are available before you arrive! Get a head start on a smooth digital experience and follow these steps to get yourself ready to go!

Before you arrive on campus:

Until your account has been created, learn more about your St. Lawrence resources:

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that you may have regarding your St. Lawrence network account, and the technology you will have access to as a new faculty member. Please click on each of the links to view more information about each question.


After your account has been created, get yourself ready to go by following these steps:

Step 1: Set up the Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone.
St. Lawrence network accounts use multi-factor authentication to protect your information. In order to sign in to your St. Lawrence services, including your email, you will need to pass a multi-factor authentication check using either your phone number or the Microsoft Authenticator App. IT highly recommends that you download and set up the Microsoft Authenticator app as your method for multi-factor authentication.

Step 2: Set up your St. Lawrence email on Outlook and on your phone.

While your email account will be configured to work automatically the first time you open Outlook on your university computer, you will likely want to be able to check your email from your phone and personal computer as well.


Step 3: Get started using OneDrive.

OneDrive is a cloud storage solution that's included in Microsoft Office. It works similarly to Google Drive or Dropbox. Data you save to your OneDrive folder is automatically backed up to the cloud, so you can access it from any device you've signed into. This is highly recommended for your school documents, so that you can always ensure you have access to your files and materials for class even if your computer became unavailable.

  • On a Mac or PC, OneDrive is installed as part of Microsoft Office. Simply open OneDrive and sign in with your St. Lawrence email and password to get started.
  • On other devices, a web client of Onedrive can be accessed here.


Step 4: Connect your computer to SLU VPN.

SLU VPN is a service that connects your computer to SLU's domain, giving you access to any resources you could use on campus. The VPN can be configured on your personal and university computers.

Instructions for configuring the SLU VPN: 


After you arrive on campus:

Step 1: Connect your phone and computer to Eduroam.
The first thing you will likely want to do when you arrive on campus is connect to wifi. The main wifi network that's used across campus is named "Eduroam". Once you've signed into Eduroam once, you'll have wifi in any building on campus. Additionally, certain other colleges and institutions use Eduroam as well. If you're signed into Eduroam at St. Lawrence, you'll be connected to wifi anywhere that has Eduroam!

Instructions for connecting to Eduroam:


Step 2: Get your SLU ID Card from Security.

Your SLU ID number can be found on your SLU ID card.  ID cards are issued by Safety and Security at their office at 76 Park St. When you have a chance, you can stop by their office to take a photo, then your ID card will be printed out for you. Your ID will give you card access to buildings on campus.


Step 3: Get your office phone number.

Your office number and extension will be provided to you when you begin work. Most St. Lawrence phone numbers are in the format of 315-229-XXXX, where the Xs represent your four digit extension.

For more information about phones, please click HERE.


Step 4: Learn how to print with SLU Public Printing.

On St. Lawrence's campus, there are public copiers that can be used to print documents for class. SLU Public Printing is pre-installed on your university computer as a printer. Then after you print to SLU Public Printing, simply scan your ID card at any public copier, and your print job will release at the copier in front of you.

For more information about printing on St. Lawrence's campus, please click HERE.


Optional: Reach out to the Educational Technology team to receive technology training.

The Educational Technology team in IT assists Faculty with incorporating technology into their classes. One-on-one consultation is available, as well as more open training webinars and meetings.

For more information on the services that Education Technology provides, please click HERE.


Additional Resources: