Information for Faculty and Staff departing St. Lawrence University  

 Step 1: Direct people to your new email address and save any relevant emails. 

  • Before your departure date it’s important to Set an Away Message on your St. Lawrence email indicating that your account will expire and where they can reach you afterwards. For instructions on setting an away message,  please click HERE. Note: for staff it’s important to work with your manager to decide who to direct future work related enquiries to. 
  • If there are any email messages you want to keep after your St. Lawrence email account has been deactivated, you will need to move them to your personal email account. For individual emails, the simplest method is to forward them to your personal email account. If you want to export all of your emails at once,  video instructions are available.  

Step 2: Migrate your contacts.
It is common for the St. Lawrence email to be the default account used when adding contacts, especially on cell phones. If your contacts are saved to your St. Lawrence email, you'll need to migrate them to another place. If you don't, your contacts will be lost after your account's expiration date OR when you remove the St. Lawrence account from your phone.

Step 3: Migrate your data from OneDrive and Network Drives.
The data that you have stored on OneDrive and St. Lawrence network drives will need to be migrated to another place in order to have access to it. Note: It’s important to work with your manager to confirm all department related information has been migrated to a shared location.

Step 4: Change your email address on external services.
If you used your St. Lawrence email to register for or log in to a non-university website or service (for example, social media, banking, shopping, and job search websites), you will need to update your registration with a personal email account for that site or service. Most services require you to use the registered email to reset your password, so if you do not change your registered email account to something other than your St. Lawrence email, you may not be able to recover an account or use the service.

Step 5: Confirm all personal data has been moved from your University computer. 

It’s important before you leave to migrate all your personal data from your University computer, documents, pictures, music movies. Note: Information Technology only holds university computers for thirty days post-departure date before they are wiped for redeployment.