For Students

Here are a few steps you can take help be prepared for online learning after Spring Break:

  1. Remember to pay close attention to your SLU email during this time. Here are some instructions for setting up the Outlook app on your devices:
  2. Set up the VPN on your computer.
    • PLEASE NOTE: The university has a limited number of available VPN connections, and as such the service can become overtaxed when too many people are connected at once. Please only connect to the VPN when necessary, and disconnect as soon as you are finished.
  3. Install Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc) on your computer.
  4. Check if other programs used in class are available for download on your personal computer.
    • For students that need access to the Adobe Creative Cloud apps such as Photoshop and Lightroom, Adobe has enabled student accounts to use Creative Cloud apps on their personal computers until the end of May. For instructions on how to install the Adobe Creative Cloud and its apps, please click HERE.
  5. Set up the T Drive on your computer.
  6. Bookmark the virtual desktop.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the Library's off campus access resources.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Almost all of the databases and services the Library offers do NOT require VPN to connect. 
  8. Familiarize yourself with Zoom for online web conferencing.
  9. Familiarize yourself with the Remote Software website.