General Request

Entering a request via the generalized service link may result in a delay in service. In order to properly categorize your request, we recommend entering a request via the individual service found in the Service Catalog.


This general support request provides a way for faculty, staff and students to submit a support request for technology-related issues. This form should be used for general questions or requests only. If you would like to put in a request for a specific service, please search our Service Catalog for the appropriate service.


By using this form/service, you receive the following benefits:

  • There is no need to call the Service Desk.
  • Your request is reviewed during regular business hours, and routed to the correct group.
  • You can include all the important details of your request.

To make a general request, click the "I need assistance" button on the right.

Service Promise

Because of the nature of general requests, we cannot provide an exact time-frame on when your request will be completed.

If you need immediate assistance or are experiencing an technical emergency of some sort, please don't hesitate to call the Service Desk at X. 5770 or (315) 229-5770.