How long will Sakai be available?


Sakai will continue to be available for non-teaching related uses – project, research, advising, and faculty portfolio sites – through the 2022/2023 academic year.


NOTE: beginning with this fall semester, Sakai will no longer be available to support current course offerings.


As faculty need to migrate content from past Sakai course sites Canvas course sites for Spring 2023 and beyond, Sakai will continue to be available to aid in that migration.  EdTech will continue to offer instruction and documentation on how to migrate content as well as an option to request Edtech migrate your content for you (see link to request form below). 


If you would like to begin work now on Canvas course sites for Spring 2023 or beyond, please feel free to submit an IT Service Request to have a Canvas Sandbox site created specific to that use.  When that semester arrives, you will be able to easily copy that Sandbox content into your Canvas course site.


Details are being worked out regarding Sakai access beyond July 2024.  Stay tuned for updates.



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Tue 8/9/22 2:35 PM
Tue 8/9/22 2:35 PM