Network Drive Configuration & Access

St. Lawrence University provides network drive storage for faculty staff and students.  Below is a list of the different shared drives and a description of what they are used for.  To create a network drive folder, or to request/grant access, please click the "Request Service" button on the right.

Drive Server Name Share Name Description
N saint.stlawu.local apps To install certain software for classes.  Software found in this location will be indicated in software installation information
P myslu.stlawu.local <your username> This is a personal folder restricted for your access only.  Capacity is 1gb.
R ourslu.stlawu.local warehouse This drive is used by administrative departments to share information related to Colleague
S ourslu.stlawu.local shared This drive is used for sharing departmental documents internally.
T ourslu.stlawu.local classes This drive is used by faculty to share documents with their classes
U ourlsu.stlawu.local images This drive is used by administrative departments to share image files
V ourslu.stlawu.local videodata This drive  is used by administrative departments to share video files
W web.stlawu.local webshare This drive is used to store website information
Scratch scratch.stlawu.local data This drive is used by the arts and music departments for projects

Instructions for Connecting to Network Drives

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