Student Device Repair

This semester, Information Technology is piloting a program with a local computer repair business, Speedway Wireless for student computer hardware repair.  Due to changes in the way the personal computers are manufactured, Information Technology is no longer able to repair many of the common problems that students have, we have been unable to provide a good experience with computer repair over the last several years.  The result is this pilot program with Speedway to provide solutions to student computer problems in a timely fashion.

The ODY Service Desk is still the place that students will go with their technology problems.  We will check in the computer, evaluate the problem, fix what we can, and then work with Speedway to repair things that we can't.  Please note that repair from speedway are not free but we have negotiated pricing for SLU students.  

Location: Computers needing repair should be checked in at the ODY Service Desk.  Hours of operation are available on the Library and IT Websites.

Personal Data: LIT staff and Speedway Wireless are not responsible for the loss of data during a repair.  We strongly recommend that you regularly back up your data even when your computer is not having problems.

Check-in Requirements:

  • All computers must be checked in with their power cord.  LIT and Speedway staff cannot begin diagnosing a computer without this.
  • Remove all third party cases and covers.  LIT is not responsible for lost or damaged after-market cases and covers.
  • There is no guaranteed time-line for completion of repair.  LIT and Speedway works on computers in the order that they are checked in and completion time is dependent on volume and complexity of the repair..  

For questions about this program, please contact the ODY Service Desk at 315-229-5770



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