Access, Accounts & Passwords

Information about SLU network accounts, and gaining access to University systems.

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Your St. Lawrence University username and password authorizes access to many University resources. Keep your account secure by following University best practices concerning passwords, phishing and safe computing.

Faculty, staff, and students have access to secure WiFi nearly everywhere on campus. We also provide secure network storage space and support off-campus access to campus resources via a virtual private network (VPN or VDI).

Services (5)

Access to SLU Resources

Request access to departmental email, listserves etc.

Multi-Factor Authentication

If you are experiencing difficulty with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), please submit a ticket here.

Scratch Drive Configuration

This drive is used by the arts and music departments for projects.

Network Password Set/Reset

Set or reset your SLU Network password.

Network Drive Configuration & Access

Create a new network drive path/folder.
Permit or request access to a network drive path/folder.