Teaching and Learning

Educational Technologists collaborates with faculty to support the integration of technology in teaching, learning, and scholarship. We connect learning objectives with tools that foster advanced digital fluency, and partner with faculty in the design, planning, instruction, and assessment of digital projects to enrich the student experience in face-to-face, and online learning environments.

The technologist(s) are eager to meet with faculty and to explore new technologies and strategies to best support teaching and learning. We offer workshops, access to resources, and personal consultations to assist the campus community to find the best solution to fit course learning goals.

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Canvas is our campus Learning Management System or LMS to support teaching and learning. This web-based system supports the creation and management of courses to assist our faculty in course design. Faculty will utilize Canvas to: share syllabus, publish course material, send messages/announcements, assignments, tests/quizzes, post discussions/readings/videos, and much more


The classroom category links to classroom pictures and technology within our teaching and learning spaces. Also outlined will be software available in classrooms.

Faculty Development

Faculty may create a a faculty portfolio site in Canvas based on a template designed for the following uses:
• Accumulating teaching, scholarship, and community service documentation while working at St. Lawrence
• Development of an annual, mid-probation, tenure, or promotion site
Canvas portfolio sites are typically for use by internal SLU audiences only, but there is the ability to add an outside participant if needed.

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Panopto Broadcast

Use this form to request a library-owned film be added to Panopto.


Sakai will continue to be available for non-teaching related uses – project, research, advising, and faculty portfolio sites – through the 2022/2023 academic year.

NOTE: beginning with this fall semester, Sakai will no longer be available to support current course offerings.


Web forms and surveys for academic research.


Code editor, debugging tools, and visualizations for R.

High Performance Computing

Computer Science and Biology department's shared high performance compute cluster.