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This article explains how to manage which of your Sakai sites appear along the top of the Sakai interface as favorites and active sites.
Taking tests can be stressful. Taking tests online will be more stressful if you encounter technical issues. While there is no guarantee, adhering to the guidelines below will help you avoid some of the more common technical issues encountered while taking online tests in Sakai to ensure your work gets submitted successfully.
In the overview that follows, testing will be defined as administering quizzes, exams, and other assessments that might normally be delivered in the form of a document that students receive, complete, and return to the professor. Instructors are encouraged to observe these practices when administering online assessments.
VoiceThread transforms media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting.
In the event of an emergency that disrupts our residential learning environment, this guide provides instructors with some recommendations for transitioning instructional activities to an online approach.
Save time grading paper-based assignments. Gradescope supports worksheets, quizzes/exams, and papers. Students upload handwritten assignments ("scanned" with cell phone camera) to be graded. Grade with a rubric that can be created/changed as you work through submissions.
Course films may be delivered on our streaming service, Ensemble, and accessible via Sakai. If you experience issues with playback, there may be a browser issue
Sakai Course Sites are automatically created each semester. Faculty, staff and students can create a Sakai Project Site to use Sakai tools (e.g. Dropbox, Messages, Resources) for campus organizations and projects.
Students are automatically enrolled in Sakai sites as Sakai is synchronized with the student registration system. This article explains how project site administrators and instructors can manually add participants to their site.
This article explains how to transfer content and settings (e.g., resources, grade book settings) between Sakai sites.
This article explains how to publish/unpublish a Sakai course site. All Sakai course sites are created automatically, but are not published. Students will not see a Sakai course site if it is not published.
Faculty may create a a faculty portfolio site in Sakai. Sakai portfolio sites are typically for use by internal SLU audiences only, but there is the ability to add an outside participant if needed.