Connect Apple TV


This article explains how to connect an Apple TV to the SLU Network.


1. Give your AppleTV a unique name

  1. On the AppleTV, go to Settings and select General
  2. Go to Name and select Custom
  3. Create a unique name for your AppleTV

2. Connect your AppleTV to the wireless network, slu-devices

  1. Connect to slu-devices
  2. Go to Settings and select Network
  3. Go to About
  4. Write down your Wi-Fi Address

3. Configure your AppleTV

  1. Go to Settings and select General
  2. Bluetooth: Off
  3. Software Updates: Update Automatically
  4. Time Zone: Set Automatically
  5. Restart your AppleTV

4. Add your AppleTV to ClearPass

  1. Log in to with your St. Lawrence network username and password.
  2. Select Create Device
  3. Device Name: use the name you gave your AppleTV in step 1.3
  4. Mac Address: enter the Wi-Fi address you recorded from step 2.4
  5. Airgroup: Enable
  6. Shared With: enter your network username and the username(s) of anyone else you wish to allow access to use the AirPlay functionality on your AppleTV
  7. Select Create Device
  8. Restart your AppleTV

The ClearPass registration process may take up to 2 hours. Your AppleTV will appear in your AirPlay display menu when the registration process is complete.



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