Confinguring Auto-Reply in SLU Webmail, Faculty and Staff Only

Configuring Auto-Reply in SLU Webmail

  • Please note that this article will only be helpful for Faculty and Staff
  • Click on the gear or settings icon 
    • This is located in the top left hand corner
  • Click Options
  • Under the mail tab find Automatic Processing 
    • Click Automatic Replies 
  • Select Send Automatic Replies
    • Type your away message 
      • If you want this message to be sent to everyone, type the same message in each box
      • If you want this message to be sent only internally, only type the message in the top box and un-check the box that says "Send automatic reply messages outside my organization" 
      • If you would like the message to be different for on-campus and off-campus emails, differentiate your messages and make sure they are in the appropriate box
    • Click save 
  • To delete your message click Discard


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