Navigation in Exchange Online

Opening Exchange Online (Office 365) Outlook Web App Mail will open a new view like the image below.

  • (1) By default, three email folders will appear under Favorites. Select any one of these to view their contents. These folders include:
    • Inbox
    • Sent Items
    • Drafts
  • (2) All your email is organized under a Main Folder labeled with your name. Select any one of these to view their contents. Folders appearing under this Main Folder include:
    • Inbox
    • Sent Items
    • Drafts
    • Deleted Items
    • Sent
    • Junk Email
  • (3) Clicking New will open the New Email Window. Type the contents of your email here, and indicate the appropriate recipients
    • Click Send in the top-left of the window to send the email to the specified people/accounts.
  • (4) The new Outlook Web App attempts to filter incoming mail based on priority and type. There are two main tabs that Outlook classifies your email under. They are:
    • Focused: usually direct messages from colleagues and other intra-university communications
    • Other: usually email advertisements, mass emails, external senders
  • Check the Focused and Other tabs often. If an email message appears in Other that should appear in Focused:
    • Right-click on the email message
    • Select Move to focused inbox
    • Messages from this sender should now appear in the correct location
  • (5) This is the Message Preview pane. It shows the sender, the message subject, and some of the email contents. Click on the Message Preview to view the whole email message in the right window pane
  • (6) This is the Message Window pane. This will show the entire contents of an email message. The displayed email changes if another Message Preview is selected

For more information about Office 365 Outlook Web App Email feature, please to Microsoft's Documentation for more information.


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