Sakai Faculty Portfolio


Faculty may create a a faculty portfolio site in Sakai based on a template designed for the following uses:

  • Accumulating teaching, scholarship, and community service documentation while working at St. Lawrence
  • Development of an annual, mid-probation, tenure, or promotion site

Sakai portfolio sites are typically for use by internal SLU audiences only, but there is the ability to add an outside participant if needed.  Let us know through the ODY Service Desk or Service Request system if this is needed.


To create your own Faculty Portfolio Site:

  • In Sakai, under the My Workspace tab, click Worksite Setup
  • Click New
  • Click Create Site From Template and click the caret next to Project to show various options
  • Choose Faculty Portfolio, and give your site a Title (editable later)
  • Check Copy Content and Publish Site, and click Create Site from Template 

The template lays out an approach you can take, but you should feel free to adapt the template to fit your individual needs and style.  You may already be quite comfortable with working with the tools in Sakai depending upon your use of Sakai for course sites.  Some of the terminology is a bit different in a project site; but, functionally, project sites are essentially identical to course sites.  

If you have questions about how to work with the site, you may find some of the information here useful:

The Help resources built into Sakai are quite useful as well.

However, as questions or issues arise, or if you would like to talk about general portfolio strategy, please do not hesitate to request a consultation through the ODY Service Desk or Service Request System.


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