Post Event to SLUWire


How do you post an event to SLUWire? Students, faculty and staff have had issues with the new SLUWire system and creating new events. Please follow the steps within the resolution to create an event on the new SLUWire system.


Login to SLUWire -

Go to “Student Groups” at the top

Select your student group/Department Group

Hit Manage events on the left menu

Hit “add new event” in the middle towards the bottom. Fill out your event details

  • Advertisement Period Leading Up to An Event: To have your flyer show up leading up to an event post as an “All Day Event” with the start date being the first day you want the flyer to show up in the emails and the last date being the last day of advertisement – Note – do not make the event reoccurring, as this will cause an issue with duplicate all day events appearing on the calendar, and your event may need to be deleted and reposted.
  • Day of Event: To have your event show up on the day of an event, select the start and end times for the particular event on the date of the event.

Attach your Flyer as a PNG/JPEG/PDF as the “event Logo” and we will pull it into the SLUWire email.

If you post an advertisement period and also want the event listed in the event list for the day of the event, you need to post twice, one for advertisement and one for the day of the event.


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