Self Service Time Entry


This article explains how to enter time in Self Service.  


  • Click on the Time Entry button

  • Choose the appropriate POSITION and WEEK of the pay period to enter time or view previous entries

Note: This is a view of the timecard you may see after you have entered time.   

Below in the upper left corner you can see the Position ID and Title, and under those fields, your supervisor’s name and title, a summary of the hours entered and the status of the time card, i.e., unsubmitted.  

On the upper right side is the Save button, you can use to save, but the time card will also automatically save and show you the time it was saved.  You can click on the View Leave Balances to see your leave balances.   

You can use the arrows to navigate between the timecard weeks, depending which week you are currently on, go forward or backward.  

The highlighted line designates a Holiday.   

If you have a work schedule the hours are shown across the top of the timecard.   

You can enter time a number of ways: 3 pm or 3:00 pm; 3 PM or 3:00 PM or use the dropdown options and choose the time (AM or PM); the tab key will bring you to the next field to enter your time.   

  • Click on the PLUS sign to add additional time in/time out options for that day, if applicable. 

  • Use the + Additional Time tab to select from the Choose Earn Type options or click Remove 

  • Enter the total hours under the appropriate day(s). 

Note: The hours are totaled at the end of the week and you can click on the Remove Vacation button to delete the line from the Additional Time entry. 

You can view your Position Total Hours by day and total at the end of the row for the week.  You can make a Comment, as applicable and Submit for Approval at the end of the week after your time entry is complete.   

Weekly totals are summarized at the bottom of the time card and will note Daily Total Hours, Regular Hours, and when applicable, Additional Hours, Overtime Hours, and Shift Differential Hours. 

  • After you Submit for Approval and before the pay period cutoff date you can click on Return Time card to Edit.  You can make your edits and Submit for Approval again. 

Note: Automated notification emails are sent to your supervisor when you Submit and/or Return Time card to Edit (un-submit) your time card.  You will receive an email when your time card is approved, rejected, or edited by your supervisor. 

  • Clicking on View Leave Balance will take you to your leave balances (sample below): 

  • You can click on View at the end of the row for a different view of the leave balance. 

Note: You can’t enter time that will put your leave balance into a negative balance.  For example, once you close the Leave Balance and choose Additional Time in the time card and add a Personal Business 7.5HR earn code, which has a balance of 7.5 hours you can enter up to 7.5 hours, if you attempt to put in hours over the balance, for example 8 hours, you will receive an error message – see below. 

Note: You need to change the amount or Remove PERB – Personal Business, before the time card can be saved (automatically or by clicking the Save button). 

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