Troubleshooting Issues with signing in to APR2

If you are unable to sign in to APR2

There are several reasons why you may be unable to sign into APR2. Please try the following troubleshooting methods to ensure you can sign in:

Method 1: Type in your username, not your full email.

In APR2, in the "user name" field, ensure you are typing in only the username instead of the full email. Your username is the same as your SLU email, but with the "" portion removed. For instance, if your email address is "", your username would be "jdoe22".

Method 2: Reset your password, ensuring you follow the password guidelines.

On the password reset page, there is a section entitled "Password Guidelines". One of the guidelines reads as follows:

  • Cannot include any of the following characters:  ; : ' " , <. > / ?

If you are unable to sign into APR, please try resetting your password, ensuring that you do not include any of these listed characters in your password.

Method 3: Try using a different web browser.

Sometimes, when having issues with websites, using a different web browser can provide a solution to the issue. For instance: if you were trying to sign into APR using Mozilla Firefox, you can try using Google Chrome instead.

What if I still cannot sign in? 

Contact the IT Help Desk at 315-229-5770 or put in a service request.


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