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4/4/21 - Problems connecting to SLU resources from off campus

UPDATE: 4/4/21, 9:32 PM

It would appear that the issue with some Spectrum customers not being able to connect to St Lawrence websites has been resolved. 

We will update campus in the morning with more detail. 

If you’re still having issues from home, please try restarting your cable modem. 

Please contact the ODY Service Desk if you continue to have issues!

UPDATE: 4/4/21, 10:42 AM

We have escalated this connectivity issue to the Enterprise Tech Support level within Spectrum. This was the group that was able to finally assist us last time this issue popped up. They are currently looking at the issue and we hope to hear back from them soon.


Good morning – 

We are receiving a number of reports that some folks are not able to access St. Lawrence resources from off campus. (i.e. email, APR2, websites, etc.). It once again, appears to only be affecting some Spectrum clients. 

We are investigating and will provide more information as soon as we know more!

In the meantime – you can potentially use your cell phone with wifi turned off to get email and/or as a wifi hotspot if you have an appropriate data plan.

We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.


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