SLU Wireless Certificate Update: August 2022


On August 16th, SLU's wireless network certificate is scheduled to be renewed. This renewal will affect both SLU-Wifi and Eduroam. The first time you connect to either network after the renewal, you may need to accept the new wireless certificate.

What does this mean for me?

If you are currently working or studying off-campus, please connect to the VPN as often as possible for the next few days while the needed resources for this certificate upgrade are distributed.

The first time you connect to SLU-Wifi or Eduroam on/after August 16th, you may be prompted to accept or trust a new certificate. While this may come in the form of a pop-up, this is legitimate and you should choose to accept/trust it. After that, Wi-Fi will continue working normally, and no other changes should be noticeable.

If you find you are having trouble getting onto the Wi-Fi on/after August 16th, our recommendation would be to remove or "forget" SLU-Wifi/Eduroam from your device, then manually connect to them again.

For instructions on removing/forgetting a Wi-Fi network from your devices, please click here.

For instructions on connecting to the Eduroam network, please click here.

If you find you're still having trouble, please contact the ODY Service Desk at 315-229-5770.

What will this look like?

On Windows:

  • Click the Connect button to accept the new wireless certificate.

On Mac:

  • Click Continue to accept the new wireless certificate.

On iOS:

  • Click Trust to accept the new wireless certificate.

On Android:

  • Navigate to Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi.
  • Locate the SLU-WIFI and/or EDUROAM wifi profiles and select 'forget'
  • Allow the phone to refresh nearby Wi-Fi SSIDs, then select EDUROAM or SLU-WIFI and configure the following settings
    • EAP Method: PEAP
    • Phase 2 authentication: none
    • CA certificate: Use system certificates
    • Domain:
    • Identity: your SLU email address
    • Annonymous identity: leave blank
    • Password: your SLU password



What is a Wireless Certificate, anyway?

A wireless certificate provides an additional layer of security when connecting to SLU's wi-fi networks. It also provides additional benefits to campus, such as the ability for university computers to seamlessly reconnect to the network while on campus, and allows our users to sign into any public computer on campus as well. 

Wireless Certificates expire after a period of time to maintain up-to-date security. When the old certificate lapses, a new one needs to be accepted. This is what will be happening on August 16th.


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