Computer Devices & Hardware Support

Assistance with a broken device, to borrow hardware/equipment, or to request a move of technology equipment.

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Electronic Waste Disposal

St. Lawrence University will work with our partners to properly dispose of electronic waste. To request pick-up of such devices, please submit a service request using the Electronic Waste Disposal service.

Purchasing New Technology

Our IT professionals can help facilitate the purchase of new technology...

Articles (9)

Clearing Browser Cache

This article contains links to instructions for clearing the browser cache in popular browser software. Clearing the browser cache may improve performance of malfunctioning websites.

Gatekeeper on Mac OS: How to Install Downloaded Applications

Some apps downloaded and installed from the Internet could adversely affect your Mac. Gatekeeper helps protect your Mac from such apps. Read this article to learn about Gatekeeper and its options.

How to tell if your computer has malware

Learn how to tell if your computer is infected with Malware.

Removing Malware from Your Computer

This article recommends free tools for both Windows and Mac to clean malware off of your computer.

Resolve Black Screen and Noise on HP EliteDisplay

This article helps resolve an issue that sometimes occurs on the HP EliteDisplay that can cause the monitor to go black and make random noise.

Resources for Recovering Lost Files in Microsoft Word

This article links to official Microsoft Documentation for finding and recovering saved or unsaved files.

Student Computer Repair Program

The Student Computer Repair Program is an authorized Dell, HP and Apple warranty repair provider that will fix SLU students' computers free of labor charges. We will also repair out of warranty computers from most manufacturers if the student purchases any necessary parts.

Student Laptop Hardware Recommendations

While the IT department doesn’t recommend any specific operating system, here are some recommendations for computer hardware and purchases.

Technology Recommendations for Students

This article provides specifics of what technology every new student should or should not bring to campus.