Covid-19 Support Resources


  • Effective immediately the following Zoom changes have been implemented campus-wide to combat unauthorized access and disruptions during Zoom meetings:
    • All meetings now have screen sharing by participants turned off by default.
    • All new scheduled meetings now require a password by default. Numeric passwords are automatically generated, encrypted, and embedded in meeting links. Participants joining via the password embedded meeting link are not prompted for the password.

For Faculty and Staff

Get set up for working remotely

  1. Ensure that you have a computer at home that you can work from.
    • If you have a university desktop, you are allowed to take your computer home during this time.
    • Working from personal devices is also allowed.
  2. Ensure that you have reliable home internet.
    • ​​​​​​​Spectrum is currently offering a 60-day free wifi package for those who work in education. For more information, visit Spectrum's website HERE. 
  3. Confirm your computer can connect to the VPN.
    • ​​​For instructions on how to setup VPN on a Windows computer, click HERE.
    • For instructions on how to setup VPN on a Mac computer, click HERE.
    • PLEASE NOTE: The university has a limited number of available VPN connections, and as such the service can become overtaxed when too many people are connected at once. Please only connect to the VPN when necessary, and disconnect as soon as you are finished.
  4. Confirm your computer is connected to any necessary network drives (P Drive, S Drive, etc).
    • For instructions on how to setup network drives, click HERE.
    • PLEASE NOTE: A VPN connection is required to access the network drives when working off campus. If you need to work on files for long periods of time, our official recommendation is to make a copy of the necessary files onto your computer's local storage OR onto Onedrive, then upload the edited file back to the network drive, in order to avoid long-term connection to the VPN.
  5. Ensure you have all of the programs you need on your computer. (Microsoft Office, software for class, etc)
    • If you are using your personal computer, the Microsoft Office suite can be installed using your SLU credentials. For instructions on how to install office, click HERE.
    • Many pieces of software used in classes can be installed on personal or office computers. Click HERE for a list of available class software.
  6. Create a communication plan with your co-workers.
    • Make decisions with your department about which communication channels you will be using to collaborate.
    • Microsoft Teams is installed on all university PCs and allows for collaboration over instant messaging and voice.
    • Zoom can help with conducting meetings remotely.
      • For more information about Zoom, including download instructions, click HERE.
    • Skype for Business can be used for instant messaging.
      • For instructions on how to download Skype for Business on your personal computer, click HERE.
  7. Forward your office phone calls to your cell phone.